All About... Marlon Sanders!

This page honours that great man - Marlon Sanders.

Marlon is a marketer extrodinaire. He's consistently supplied amazing products with real, useful information to help anyone succeed online.

Marlon firmly believes in a core set of ideals: He loves Automation (he's lazy at heart) and he loves the power of Affiliates to do the selling for him.

I've yet to find another Guru who looks after his affiliates so well. Marlon provides updates every month, competitions, prizes, and amazing copy, graphics and landing pages for all his products. Of course, he's very generous with his commissions, and even pays daily.

Marlon's products are aimed at all levels of marketer. He has tools and systems designed to get you started, or to take you further. It depends on your abilities - but no-one is left behind.

Marlon Sanders has succeeded where many have failed. He's mastered selling Big Ticket items - way before John Reese and Mike Filsaime. He's been providing audio and video, a long time before it became fashionable.

So what is the secret to his success?

Read On!

This is what I'm giving to you today:

  • The Internet Black Hole
  • How To Create Audio Products
  • How I Sell Thousands On The Web - with Resale Rights!
  • Sample issue of the premium "Growth" Magazine
  • Creating Landing Pages
  • Creating "Free Report" Traffic Pages
  • 7-Part "Cash Like Clockwork" e-Course
  • Marlon's "Marketing Tips" E-Mails
  • Marlon's Podcasts (StarCast, BotaniCast, etc)
  • "5 Mistakes People Make When Video Blogging"
  • Review and Full Entries from Matt's Marketing Diary

  • Plus! More Mini-Video Books!

    Marlon Sanders is one Guru who is almost universally admired. If you ever get the chance to see him person, on on a recoreded seminar, jump at the chance. He's a hard man to get hold of and unlike other top internet marketers he doesn't give out interviews and appearances very often.

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