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From: Stuart Reid

Dear Friend,

You've probably seen a lot of marketing collections on the web. But I guarantee you haven't seen anything quite like this...

As a test I've decided to give away this premium collection, at no cost.

I could have easily asked a good price for this package - and I would have been inundated with sales.

These are not your usual tools and ebooks that you will find everywhere. They have been carefully selected to have something to offer for everyone. So whether you a beginner, or an expert - and anything in between - this offer has something for you.

Internet Marketing is simply the process of connecting buyers to products they want. It doesn't matter what niche you are looking at. You only need two things: A website with your product or offer, and people to come to that website (traffic).

While you could do it alone without any extra help, why would you want to? There's a wealth of helpful guides and tools available and some of the best are right here on this webpage.

Remember - I ask nothing in return. You only need to enter your name and e-mail address at the bottom of this page to download everything, immediately.

I will not sell, share, or abuse your e-mail details. They are simply a way for me to keep in contact. And if you don't like what I have to offer and say, the control is with you. You can remove your details at any time.

Ready for one of the most exciting offers you'll see this year? Here's what you will receive in just a few minutes:

Product #1

Brand all your ".Zip" files with Viral Zip and unleash a storm of traffic! Simply brand your downloadable files and packages, and put them on the web - either by giveaway, sale, or a download site. As that gets passed around your information will travel with it, creating a true Viral Traffic avalanche!

Product #2

Traffic is EVERYTHING online. Use these real world techniques, with only 1hr a day, to increase yours.

Product #3

This unique tool lets you create tiny applications that sit in your customers system tray, so whenever you have an important announcement they receive it immediately. Keep in touch with your contacts WITHOUT e-mail!

Product #4

Everyone has a book within them, but you may have been a little stuck figuring out what, and how, to write. Follow this guide and you'll be creating your own mini-masterpieces in no time :)

Product #5

Pay Per Click advertising is one of the success stories that has powered Google to it's current heights. It allows you to run promotions and keep control of your budget, while racking up the profits. This guide features a course on PPC, but from an affiliate marketing point of view.

Product #6

E-Mail Marketing was one of the original ways to sell on the Internet, and even today it's one of the most effective. But are you getting the most from your campaigns? Here's some very powerful tips and tweaks you can put to work immediately.

Product #7

A "Squeeze Page" is a way for you to collect your visitors details before you pass them on to the offer or product you are promoting. Use this tool to create them quickly and effectively.

Product #8

Sometimes, for the complete beginner, many guides and courses are simply way over their head. But we all have to start somewhere. Here's a very useful guide to get you started - how to create and upload your very first website.

Product #9

PLR - or Private Label Rights - are a way for you to create unique products without having to put in the work. Simply take someones elses, that are you allowed to modify, and make it yours! Use this guide to find out how.

Product #10

Today some of the most exciting websites are the so-called "Web 2.0" sites. These are social sites where the user is in control. Find out what this means for YOUR business.

Product #11

What's this... item number 11? In a ten pack? Call it a bonus!

This ebook covers one of the lesser taught parts of a good website, the power of testimonials. These can help you convert and reassure your visitors, ultimately resulting in more signups, members, and sales!

Wow! Excited? You should be!

This is the type of package other marketers would use for their upsell, or their main offer. And I for one would be willing many would pay $$$ for it.

But maybe I'm being silly, or maybe I'm just stupid. Or maybe I just want to give something back to the Internet Marketing community.

Everything you see above is now ready for you to download. No questions asked.

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