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Do you want an amazing "Starter Pack" of quality products, that you can resell or use, at no cost?

Today - at absolutely no cost - you can download this incredible package of eBooks, Software and more courtesy of - especially created for this 2007 Giveaway Event.

Take a look below at what we're giving away in this incredible deal and once you decide that they are for you, just enter your e-mail details and away you go!

There are five great packages, all resellable, that cover Affiliate Marketing, List Building, Using PayPal, Saving money on Ebay, and how to create a Blog.

This is Louis Allport's latest Video eBook - all about creating unique products. In 9 Videos lasting over an hour he covers researching, product ideas, outlineing, transcribing, creating succesful interviews, building audio books, outsourcing, and much more. Full Master Rights and Salespage included.

Louis Allport's famous Video Ebooks always sell well - and here's one of his latest that you can download for free! Using "screencam" technology you can SEE exactly how to perform certain marketing techniques right on your monitor.

This video ebook covers Affiliate Techniques and runs for 79 minutes across seven videos. Subjects covered include: make your promotions a runaway success, the design and copy of a real life webpage, how to create PDF's, case studies, and more. Master Resale Rights and Salespage included.

This book is a boon for anyone on eBay! It actually shows you how to save 72% on your listing fees. Some of these techniques are controversial, and you use them at your own risk - but they work. For big ebay sellers this can save you a fortune. Try it! Master Resale Rights Included.

This is a very useful book explaining the simple way to use PayPal. PayPal is a very common payment processor used by eBay and hundreds of thousands of marketers online. Heck - I use it!

This guide is ideal for beginners and uses screenshots to illustrate the points. After reading this short report you'll be a PayPal expert and can start receiving payments online too ;-) Master Resale Rights Included.

"How To Create A Free Blog In Less Than 30 Minutes!"

This book - as the headline above says - will get you up and running with your own blog in almost no time at all. Blogging is a seriously powerful web platform yet so easy to use almost anyone can do it. Blogs can be for fun, or for money, and whatever YOUR reason is this book will get you started. Master Resale Rights and Salespage included.

This package teaches you how to build a mailing list, one of the most important wealth-building methods there is. But it also goes further, and shows you how to build trust with your list, and how to make sure your emails are read - and acted on. This is a valuable guide to a vaulable topic.

Comes with full Private Label Rights, raw source files, and salespage.


"Mail Giant Pro" is a full featured software script you can install to your own site(s) that enable you to run a mailing-list system. You can personalise mailings, track open-rates, and archive mailings just like high-end solutions, as well as perform the usual mailing-list tasks such as add or delete subscribers, send a broadcast, set up automatic follow-up emails, and more.

This software comes with private-label Sourcecode rights and a salespage.

Bonus 2!

"Outsourcing Strategies" is a new eBook from Michael Rasmussen detailing the ins and outs of outsourcing your work to others. Everything from contracts, to finding people to work with, to specify your projects is covered. This is a boon for those who want to save time and speed up product and website development! Salespage and Resell Rights included.

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